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Friday, March 18, 2011

How to make babakau ( Fijian fried Bread)

I had a friend asking this recipe once during christmas last year and he wished he watched me earlier how to make it. But once u got the tricks on how much you should use and what you need, all it takes to mess up once and learn the next time round. Thats how i did  it. Ill post the pictures soon.

Babakau ( fijian freid bread)
4 cups of flour
3 tablespoon yeast
2 cups sugar
warm water ( boiling water and cold water)

1)combine all the ingredients except warm water. Stir it and then slowly pour warm water into the bowl.

2)Make sure the water is warm enough to melt sugar and yeast. The dough should be well soft and if it sticks up in yo fingers thats good. As long as you dont have less water in the flour or it might turn up too hard.

3)Knead it with your hands and let it rise for a couple of minutes.

4) Take a part of the dough and roll it with the rolling pin. Make sure the frying pan is heated with oil.  Oil should be more than enough to have the bread sunk into it.

5) cut the rolled dough into small medium pieces and fry it once the oil is heated.

6) When it has turned brown turn n then put it in a plate or bowl.